mums and bubs

These groups of 4-6 mums-to-be aim to address the changing demands on a pregnant body. The goals are to maintain a strong and stable pelvis to prevent lower back pain and pelvic instability. It also prepares the body to build up the strength and  mobility to cope with lifting and carrying a baby.


These are groups that are offered to mums from 6 weeks post-birth. Pregnancy and child birth causes siginificant lengthening to the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles which often results in abdominal tears and incontinence. These classes enable mums to regain abdominal and pelvic floor strength as well as get her nice and strong to meet the demands of having a growing child. Not to mention getting her old body back!


These classes offer mum the opportunity to leave the house and exercise without needing to worry about finding somebody to look after her baby. An enclosed area is set up in the studio for babies to sit and play together while participants engage in pilates sessions. If her baby becomes unsettled, exercises can be tailored to allow for mum to exercise with her child. Classes are restricted to 4 mums so that both mum and bub are completely cared for.