Personalised treatment

A comprehensive evaluation process will determine the most appropriate course of treatment for your particular needs.

Appointment times are longer, enabling our physios to take the time to listen to your concerns and begin treatment.

Safe and effective treatment

A hands on approach is taken using:

  • Joint mobilisations
  • Deep tissue release techniques
  • Massage
  • Trigger point work
  • Stretches and appropriate exercises
  • Electro-therapeutic modalities may also be used – Ultrasound, IF, TENS, KOTS, Traction, Muscle-stim & Laser
  • Adjustments or ‘bone cracking’ techniques are only undertaken after full discussion, and only if necessary.
  • Wax bath available for arthritis pain relief.

Long term self-management

Acute conditions may require 3 – 4 treatments to stimulate the initial recovery process. For more chronic concerns, we incorporate treatment at the clinic with self-management techniques, including appropriate home-based exercises and an educational component.

Guidance in preventing re-occurrence may include complementary lifestyle options such as specific routines for strengthening, flexibility, age appropriate exercise, yoga, or pilates.