Emmanuel Rey

Physio Experience

I qualified as a physiotherapist in Paris in 2002 with a further 4 year postgraduate degree in Sport and Manual therapy. I then travelled around the world (where I found my future wife in Sydney).

We moved back to France where I studied Osteopathy for 5 years and then specialised in Paediatrics and Pregnancy for 1 year .

We finally set down our luggage in Melbourne in 2013 after 1 year of studying for the Australian Physiotherapy Equivalence.


Is a beautiful way of treating involving a holistic approach to the patient. I like to use a lot of hands-on techniques that I tailor to individual patients and their pathology (eg myo-fascial releases, proprioceptive neuro-muscular fascilitation, dry needling, etc). The key is to bring back movement in the tissue and then consolidate the weak areas. That’s why I think everyone should have an individualised strengthening program around daily activities (home exercise program, regular Pilates sessions at home, gym membership, swimming etc).


I specialise in Sports Therapy, Manual Therapy, Paediatrics and Pregnancy. I also run Pilates classes (both mixed classes and men’s only classes) for continuity of patient treatment.


Basically every sport that I can lay my hands on. Running is the base (I am proud to have beaten the Puffing Billy). My aim is to run the Melbourne Half Marathon and finish in the top 100 (ranked 120 in 2016). I play basketball 2 times a week. I cycle to work everyday. When I get the time I go mountain bike riding in the You Yangs, snorkel at Point Ormond or do Parkour at South Bank.