Cherie goes Canyoning

on Wednesday, February 18th, 2015 in Glenhuntly Physiotherapy Clinic, Physiotherapy. No Comments

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In a great birthday adventure, Cherie headed for the Blue Mountains. Splish, splash… SPLOSH! Those were the sounds made by our physio Cherie Lee on her canyoning adventure in the Blue Mountains this past December.Cheries fear of heights didnt get in the way of cliff jumping over 2 metres – it was either follow the lead or head back home, and of course, that wasnt going to happen!Getting in and out of the canyons was no easy feat, shares Cherie.A 40 minute hike taking on 50º slopes with gear on our backs! Pre-training certainly came in handy.

If youre not familiar with the outdoor activity of canyoning or canyoneering, it is the sport of travelling through canyons using techniques such as hiking, climbing, swimming, cliff-jumping, and abseiling (rappelling).If you love the outdoors, have an affinity for adventure and would also like a full-body workout then perhaps you should give canyoning a go! If you want to know more about Cheries adventure or would like to try canyoning but unsure if you would cope, give Cherie a ring at the clinic. She is always happy to meet new people and eager to share suggestions for fun and exciting activities!

Please call the clinic on 9532 8001 to make an appointment with Cherie today.