All in the Balance

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Preventing sporting injuries in young people
By Physio Emmanuel Rey

In a physiotherapy practice, we see a lot of children and young adults with sporting injuries like torn Anterior Cruciate Ligaments (ACL), ankle sprains etc. Often we put this down to just bad luck – I stepped funny, I landed badly, I twisted…

Children have lots of energy and are on the move constantly, and they are naturally learning to balance themselves as they move around. However research has shown that with specific training and conditioning, many injuries can be prevented.
Particularly for active children playing sport, (and actually for any of us at any age!) here are some fun and useful balancing activities we can engage in at home or before training, as part of preparation or warm up. These can easily be turned into a game. Try these with your child:

  1. Standing on one leg eyes open or closed, how long can you last?
  2. Using a balance pad (or a big fluffy folded towel) balance on one foot while passing the ball.
  3. Balance on one foot while riding in the tram (with hands hovering close to the bar for safety) see who can hold it the longest.
Very quickly the proprioceptors begin to engage, and the stabilising muscles responsible for balance are ‘switched on’ to provide further stability.

Of course anything can happen on the field, court or track – but pre-training can’t do any harm, it can be fun and used as a warm up, and may in fact save a visit to the doctor.

For individual assessment please don’t hesitate to come and see us. In good health, Emmanuel Rey, Physiotherapist