Our Shepparton Half Iron Man

on Monday, December 15th, 2014 in Glenhuntly Physiotherapy Clinic. No Comments

The 2014 Challenge Shepparton_Andrew Metter Glenhuntly Road Health Clinic_

The 2014 Challenge Shepparton event saw over 1,300 competitors and 3,500 visitors converge on Greater Shepparton to continue its proud history of hosting an international triathlon.

Of the 1300 competitors in this event there were but 2 idiots that chose not to don a wetsuit for the swim, one of whom was Andrew, the senior physio and director of Glenhuntly Road Physiotherapy.

Here’s what he had to say:

My preparation for the swim was primarily in the pool through winter and as the weather warmed I took to the bay for some bracing early morning swims. The weather in the final month prior to the event and up until the day was fantastic, cool to warm. No one expected the weather to change so dramatically on the day.

We woke to a chilling 9ºC morning at 6am, cold windy and rainy. The option of staying in bed and going for a leisurely coffee in a cafe was quite appealing.

Arriving at Shepparton Lake, I saw wetsuits for hire and together with seeing all the other competitors snug in their wetsuits some serious doubts arose. Waiting to take the plunge, standing in the wind and cold, shivering under towels and blankets, I had some serious second thoughts, but for me this was the challenge within the challenge.

I knew the water temperature in the lake was fine so I just had to hang in there. However, it did get me a mention over the PA systems so I felt somewhat vindicated.

Once in the water, the jostle to find some space without getting limbs tied up with fellow competitors began. Within 500-600m, the field had spread out and the rest of the 1.9km swim was great, knowing with every stroke the finish line got closer.

The weather conditions remained cold, wet and rainy with strong winds for most of the event, only easing off to let the runners come home smiling, most of them anyway.

Our team made good time, and a great day was had by all. An event like this with no major traumas, always a plus.