Hiking the Blue Tier 2017

on Tuesday, March 21st, 2017 in Glenhuntly Physiotherapy Clinic. No Comments

What has become our annual pilgrimage to Tasmania, my wife Irene and I, together with a group of hikers, walked through the magnificence and unspoiled beauty of the Blue Tier ranges in NE Tasmania.
We were extremely fortunate to have one of the local “Friends of The Blue Tier” members to guide us through totally unspoiled, enormous and tranquil landscapes on a 10 day “Walk in Silence” camping adventure.
I’ve done a fair amount of hiking, but never in an environment like this. It literally takes your breath away – the sheer beauty that nature provides, if left alone to do what it does best.
We were embraced in nature beyond belief, like traveling through a fantasy land. Walking was an absolute privilege – through pristine rain forests with moss-covered floors, enormous ferns and towering ancient trees, up over escarpments with huge granite boulders and along fast flowing clean crisp creeks from which you can drink straight up.
One of the main purposes of the walk was for self-enrichment, for introspection, to meditate and to be present – and who could not in this environment.
The Blue Tier is currently fighting for its life in the face of eminent logging and development. The small group of “Friends of The Blue Tier” www.bluetier.org are re-energising their campaign that already saved this area once before. The clinic has supported this campaign and wish them the courage and strength to keep going, so that future generations can experience the biodiversity of this majestic place. If you’re looking for some great hiking trails and little authentic country inns and towns to stay in, check this out: Click here