Best Broccoli, Avo and Miso Soup

on Tuesday, December 15th, 2015 in Glenhuntly Physiotherapy Clinic. No Comments

Summer Broccoli Soup with Avocado and Almonds
From Sandra Dubs

8 florets broccoli
3 cups water
½ avocado
½ red onion or use fennel instead
1 stalk Celery                 
handful spinach leaves            
3cm wakame sea vegetable        
1 tsp ginger grated            
1 large clove garlic                    
1 tsp cumin                
2 tbs miso paste                   
½ tsp black pepper ground        
2 -3 tbs roasted almond pieces as garnish
Wash broccoli, celery and spinach leaves very well.
Soak wakame in water to cover for 10 minutes.
Drain when softened. Remove and discard tough stem.
Use the leafy bits.
Lightly steam broccoli in 3 cups water about 5-6 minutes, until softened.
Drain and keep steaming water
Place steamed broccoli in blender with the rest of ingredients.
Add steaming water as required (for thicker consistency use less water)
Serve with roasted almond pieces and if desired an extra few small pieces of avocado

Use kale instead of spinach
Using less water makes a tasty green sauce