Another Year – Another Classic

on Wednesday, May 6th, 2015 in Glenhuntly Physiotherapy Clinic. No Comments

Alpine Classic

Andrew, our clinic owner and senior Physio completed another arduous Alpine Classic ride this year, close to his tenth. Here are his recollections.
Another year means another Alpine Classic, a weekend dedicated to punishing the body as pay off for the months of early morning and weekend riding madness.
Why do we do it? –  because we can, because we are in the lucky country and because we love it!!
Honestly, getting up at 5ish, 3-4 mornings a week, including Saturday and Sundays and through winter, is not something I look forward to.
It’s never easy, often a struggle, but the secret is to avoid that early morning mental debate, just get up and go. The struggle becomes somewhat easier to cope with and the “post exercise high” is always uplifting, which is why the Alpine ride remains on my annual calendar as it has done for the past decade.
This year’s Alpine ride we had a strong bunch of riders, covering the distances of the 130, 200 and 250 kms, all individually, some as a group. It’s a tough day in the saddle getting up at 3am for a 4am departure from Bright, and going for a cruise up Mt Buffalo, the first climb of 3, and a 2 hour slog, challenging both mental and physical endurance.
With perfect conditions, no incidents and a tremendous weekend of playing hard, breathing easy, with a bit of challenging cycling, was the theme that carried us through the valleys and over the peaks of the mountains surrounding beautiful Bright.
I’ve done this ride, amongst many others, over the years, and would be more than happy to discuss your interests, any rides you are contemplating but unsure of ability, any details regarding preparation, nutrition, training, bike retailers, fit outs etc
Please call anytime, I’d be very honoured to hear from you.
‘May the wind always be at your back’ as they say in riding circles, or in front if you enjoy the option of actual wind training as I do. Happy cycling.