Our Aim

To help our patients achieve and maintain dental health for life.

Our Reward – the 5 Great Smiles

  • The smile on a child’s face after their first dental visit
  • The smile of gratitude after our gentle and caring treatment of an anxious patient.
  • The smile of excitement on seeing the beautifully restored front teeth
  • The smile of confidence with the ability to eat in comfort
  • The smile of relief when all is well at each hygiene maintenance and prevention check-up.
  • We are very proud of our new building and treatment rooms here at 557 Glenhuntly Road Elsternwick

The purpose of this site is for you to know that you can communicate to us any dental queries and advice needed and we will be happy to answer you promptly.

We provide a high standard of dental care using equipment and materials of the highest quality in a safe environment.

We treat people of all ages and we provide the full spectrum of dental care and have a network of excellent dental specialists when their services are required.

e-mail allows us to give you as much or as little information to answer any queries so we don’t need to have lots of before and after photos on this site, but if that’s what you want to see, just let us know. email: litstramer@bigpond.com

We welcome new patients!!!