Where Do You Run To? Jasmine Dindas, Expressive Therapist…

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Art Therapy_Expressive Thearapy_Glenhuntly Road Health Clinic_Melbourne_

Expressive therapy begins with the client bringing an object into the session that has a resonance to an issue they would like to work through.
We then reflect on the thoughts and emotions that this object or theme brings up in the client. The client can then use this as the inspiration or stimulus with which to draw, paint, write poetry or a song or give a verbal reflection of what they are feeling at the time. It is a very effective way of using other parts of the brain to engage with the narrative that is causing pain.

Dealing with Loss
The above artwork that was expressed by a client who was reflecting on lost love and loss in general. The emotions were depicted in this drawing completed in the session and then reflected upon with the client – a deeply healing and cathartic exercise.

The poem below is an example of using writing to explore and recover from depression and alienation.


Where do you run to when there’s nowhere to hide,
From the nightmares that haunt you by day and by night?
When you live them alone,
Smiling sweetly throughout,
No one knowing or caring what’s eating you up,
As you hide inside ‘happy’ and ‘busy’ your friends,
How quickly you start to believe your own stand.
And slowly you start to go out less and less,
To visiting friends who couldn’t care less.
Sorting and cleaning become your best friends,
who thank you most kindly for making amends.
Will you ever recover and be once again,
The fair-haired child that ‘never was there’.