Immersed in Healing

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Forensic healing -Kinesiology modality-Glenhuntly-Elsternwick_St Kilda-Melbourne

“Everything changed, and in the best way”.
That’s what Kate Fisher reported after recently experiencing a Forensic healing session with Rebecca.
Forensic healing (a Kinesiology modality), works to effectively release past trauma, stress and pain, as well as long term health conditions and relationship issues.
Using a structured approach to pin point

the cause of the condition, Rebecca releases emotional, mental and physical disharmony quickly and simply using non-invasive methods leaving you feeling free and powerful.
With over 14 years of experience, Rebecca is a highly trained expert in healing and massage therapy, and you too can now experience the benefits of freedom like some of her current clients.

What Rebecca’s clients are saying about their healing:
‘Rebecca’s natural energy healing shifted years of emotional debris. Her soothing touch and deep insights opened up so much for me. Within a day after the session, I found the obstacles that had held me back disappearing and my focus had changed completely. Everything changed, and in the best way. She’s extraordinary, sensible and a true soul healer.’ Kate Fisher

‘I would like to say how blessed I feel to have Rebecca in my life, supporting me through changes on every level. I have received clarity, insight and healing, thank you Rebecca from the bottom of my heart.’ Andy Clarke

‘After a wonderful healing with the amazing Rebecca, I felt totally at peace, and so in the present moment. It was as though any concerns or niggling thoughts had been miraculously erased and replaced with a sense of deep connection and inner strength, very affirming.’

Kalli Pulos, Senior Executive Coach FCLWM

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