Designed with passive solar principles to utilise the natural elements the green living range will provide a haven of natural light and cross flow ventilation. Creating and enhancing your personal wellbeing our healthy homes will give ongoing health, environmental and financial benefits. The beauty of simplicity!



Materials used within the homes have been carefully chosen and assessed on their green credentials. Our green choices include locally sourced and manufactured hardwood windows, doors & bench tops. Recycled timber flooring, certified (FSC & PEFC) timbers, 0- low VoC (Volatile Organic Compounds) hemp & ply cabinets




Solar PV/ Wind or Hydro power, Solar Hot Water, Solid Fuel Heaters & LED lighting. Our multiple industry award winning Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited designer and installer will custom design the right technology to suit your site. Renewable energy technology when designed right can meet all of your energy requirements.