Naturopath l Nutritionist | Heavy Metal Detoxing

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Janine Brundle PD Hom (UK) NA AROH AHA, is a fully registered, experienced and highly qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist specialising in the identifying and gentle removal of heavy toxic metals in the body for both children and adults.

  • Autistic and compromised children
  • Toxic metals accumulated from work or living environments
  • Auto-immune diseases such as Thyroid, Hashimotos Disease, CFS
  • Allergies
  • Chronic illnesses and persistently unwell conditions.
  • Brain fog
  • Exhaustion, sleep concerns and lethargy

Janine has a general family clinic caring for all ages and concerns with her speciality focused on heavy toxic metals in the body and therefore mineral deficiencies which in many cases is the underlying cause of serious and chronic illnesses and conditions.

Heavy metal toxins are absorbed by everyone, potentially causing chronic illnesses. Today it’s not a question of whether or not you have been exposed to heavy toxic metals, but rather by which ones and by how much.

At the Toxic Metals Detox Clinic, Melbourne, the most up to date testing is used to assess the levels of toxic metals and mineral deficiencies in the body. A simple and quick test will provide you with instant and accurate measurements of your mineral and metal levels, from there a gentle and safe individualised protocol will be put in place helping you to restore health and find balance.

Janine has a holistic view to healing and supports her clients with natural remedies, supplements, suggestions on lifestyle changes and very importantly, dietary advice.

Providing positive answers to chronic symptoms from a different perspective.